Kjøleaggregat – kjøleaggregater til kjølerom.
Frys og kjøleaggregat med utv. Mål fra 140 x 140 til 530×530 cm Høyde 224, 250 og 276 cm. Leveres i tykkelse 100mm. Leveres med vegger, tak, gulv i rustfritt stål og dør. Standard dør 954x 2000mm, invendig dør åpning 800x1850mm. Andre dør str. på forespørsel. Kjølerom frys aggregat leveres som Monoblock eller splitt aggregat. Leverings tid 4-5 uker.

Kjøleaggregat – Kjøle Aggregat – Kjølerom 2020 katalog
Kjøleaggregat – Kjøle Aggregat – Kjølerom Operation manual_split-systems
Kjøleaggregater – Kjøle Aggregat Operations manual monoblocks CE
Kjøleaggregater – Kjøle Aggregat CE sertefikat
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Monoblock is a refrigerating machine in the form of a single block with a compressor condenser aggregate and an air cooler in it. 
It is mounted on the side sandwich panel of the coldroom; with the air cooler being put inside the coldroom and the compressor condenser aggregate on the outside. 
In POLAIR Standard monoblocks, compressor condenser aggregate and air cooler are connected using a thermal-insulation padding made of polyurethane foam. 
POLAIR Standard have refrigerant pre-filled; the devices are tested at the factory and are ready to be used off the shelf. 
POLAIR Standard use hermetic piston compressors and other components from leading European vendors. 
Electronic control units maintain the pre-set temperature in the refrigerated space, switch on the evaporator thaw mode, and allow for corrections in the monoblock operation parameters. 
A capillary tube is used as a throttler. 
Evaporator thaw is completed automatically. Condensate goes to the tub (in the external block) via a tube heated with a flat electric heating element. Water evaporates from the tub due to the heat emitted by the hot compressor infusion tube. 

Split units are refrigerating machines consisting of two separate blocks: 
• compressor condenser aggregate; 
• air cooler. 
The blocks are connected with copper insulated tubes and a power and control cable. They can be installed with a certain distance from each other. This allows split units to be used for coldrooms where wall width and ceiling height do not leave enough room for monoblocks. 
POLAIR split units use hermetic piston compressors and other components from leading European vendors. 

POLAIR Standard

POLAIR Standard split units present a line of practical commercial appliances, of both low- and mid-temperature range, that are reliable, functional, and easy to use. 

POLAIR Professionale

POLAIR Professionale represent a line of high-tech split units with muff coupling, extra efficient air cooler, and a remote control unit included in the set.

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